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LVix Boardroom !

Pipe DreamLViX came about by happen chance.  It started with LVX that stood for LifeVantage Exponential or to the 10th power!  Wanting to give LVX some spunk or life we added ‘i’. LViX then created  “living in exponential times”.   This ‘Pipe Dream’ video dipicts living in these exponential times.

This ‘Pipe Dream’ was a simple thought. From small and simple things, one can realize anything one put their mind to!   Limitless with God’s direction and help!

Watch it now!

Life’s speed is increasing and life’s trustful connections are decreasing.   So we have created here a little podium, to gather stories of exuberance and happiness based on trust and relationships and not the  hype and getting in line or to market first.

LViX stories shared are to be, character building, charasmatic, fun and exciting. Wholesome videos is the law! Virtuous ones being a must and we trust that you will honor this!

My dream is simple too!  We show it with our surfboard collection of correct principles or Maverick Wave watercraft  that we use to “Wipeout” in.   We teach you correct principles on how to find and surf the Maverick Business Wave with 7 simple but core skills to duplicate and implement.  You guide yourself!

Let’s go surfing now !  Maverick Wave hear we come!surf16


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Maverick Wave

images maverick wavemaverickmavericksiiiMavericksLiving in Exponential times MK

How Maverick Waves are formed.

Now what we will do here is use the Maverick Wave symbolism and the rock formation to illustrate how we go from a good business to a great business.

<good2great> The title ‘Good2Great’ stems from this book.

Several years ago this book caught my attention as it starts out with a statement.  “Good is the enemy of great”. Then it asks  an inspired question.  “Can a good company become great?  I related it to both business and personal.

The book based strictly on numbers shares researched ingredients on how only 11 of 1500 fortune 500 companies equaled or did superior to the company like IBM and GE over a 15 year period of time.  I like the emperical way, no emotion is involved.

So let me ask you on a business but maybe even more so personally.  Can you go from being good person to being great one?  I believe in these exponential times being great ought to be considered a necessity.

These ingredients noted below, are the basis for which we encourage you to share your story!  This story can be personal, business  related, observed or linked to other stories that caresses these ingredients for success or even survival.  Going from being good to being great.

Please note you can share one (1) attribute or all of them.  We only ask that you do it in 300 words or less. Videos, links and pictures are encouraged and count only as the number of words used to describe the video, link or picture.

Now if you simply want to be taught these principles we have a site that is interactive with short baby steps to help you grasp and begin the process of these very critical concepts to learn in order to help you navigate or live in these exponential times. <good2great>

The ingredients are:

  1. Leadership:  Not just any leadership but Level 5 leadership which consists of 2 main components 1.) Humility  2.) Will or determination to get to the end.;
  2. First your Why and then Who.  Using Christ as the example in Mathew 4:19 he simply said “Come Follow Me”.  However prior to that he spent 40 days sealing his purpose with his Father above.
  3. Confront the Brutal Facts:  What are your weaknesses.  Face them and overcome them.
  4. Hedgehog Concept: The fox knows many things.  The hedgehog knows one thing. Focus on consistency and commitment.
  5. The Culture of Discipline:  The simplicity of requiring a few disciplines to be completed, perfected, skilled, personified or exemplified by mirroring or the principle of duplication.
  6. Technology:  Technology represents competition, opposition and is to be used wisely to create massive movement by the one and the team.
  7. The Flywheel:  This concept is about “Breakthru”.  The timing is unknown it happens when it happens.  Predicting is falicy.  Performing is important. Persisiting is paramount.
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What does Lvixing mean?

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Finding “the” music for “Let’s LViX”

Living in exponential times is replicated by “This is Kiteboarding”video!  ‘Live it’ here!

Having grown up in California during the ‘Beach Boys’ era, the music in this clip just doesn’t quite have that feel.  So, I added “Wipeout” by the Safaris, ya really just gotta ‘love it’ here!

The ‘LViX’ is making the duo match.  Creating the feeling and acting on it. Getting on down the road (wave) as we live in these exponential times.

Wipeout maybe not the exact piece I am looking for, but it’s an instinctive beach party bingo hip lvix start.  The music search may take some time.  Butt, blogging creates all the time in the world!  ‘Am’ open to thoughts n feelings or dual thought!  LViX music must mesh!  I want it to feel great!  At least to me …  it’s fun having my own little blog, a little piece of the universe all to your own.

So, being the start of a new year, a new dawn, a new  “Live it Love it LViX”     Let’s  LViX!   Hallelujah!


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2016 Harmony!

5 Brown Carnigie Hall

Have you been noticing, especially this week, how hard it is to stay in harmony with mind and/or heart for just a minute?  The mind is going all different directions, no matter what time of day or night, along with all those feelings!   Then you try to or you are asked to stretch the mind to be in harmony for 15 minutes, or longer.  Everything is cool, right?  It’s ok, I can do this …. as you try to interact or maybe even detach yourself with 4 other pianos.   Who thought of this great mix anyway?   Everyone you connect with, or worse yet you do not connect with is there for you!   There is no closet to just “hang”in or escape hatch through the chimney, ho, ho, ho!  Imagine having a retail Christmas job at Macy’s that just serindipitiously had a sales event on the 24th of December at high noon!  Does it feel like this?  Dreams tend to get limited when there is no harmony.

Woosh, 2016 is here! It’s a new beginning, a new day and all is possible, even to be harmonious for the entire day (we shall limit our time to just a day pass).  This is awesome, this is certitude, this is the power of the mind, this is harmony!

Now you watch musical groups like the 5 Browns, Pentatonix or Piano Guys perform with such precision and harmony in multi venues and different genres and you say to yourself  “I am whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, happy and harmonious “!

We are going in one beautiful direction!  The mental acuity and consistancy with Haanel “MasterKey” exercise program or regime is awesome. I remember when circuit weight training became the way to simply, routinely and harmoniously exercise all those boby parts.   It took me a couple of rounds to get into the flow, the circuit, oh oh but what it created in my mind to do something I did not like to do previously.  I am already looking forward to this years 2016 MKMMA circuit class.

To wrap up this 2015 year I saw these guys live at Carnigie Hall in NYC 1990.  So to be in line with Mr. Haanel and to be in Harmony we shall take on a six part harmony 10 Grammy winners “Take 6”

Amen to Harmony!  Harmonious & Exponetial Times to you this 2016.  The best yet to come!

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A Post, “White Christmas” – “Attitude of Gratitude”!

White Chistmas

Well it is December 26th in the southwestern town of Deming NM, along the Mexican border and we have been given a gift!   The gift given, is a one day postponement in order to deliver a “Post” “White Christmas” posting!  May I add twas a devinely orchestrated postponement  to properly post our “Post”! Hence, we ‘host a post’ to graciously give to all a great, grand, gift of gratitude and love, from our heart n soul to yours!

I am so grateful for this fun moment!  It brings back so many great memories of Christmases past and sets the tone for Christmases future as the Leth family decks the halls of and creates warm Deming desert and dezert times!

Gratitude for a living Savior or Salvador!

Gratitude for “Tatonka Blanca” “White Buffalo” family dreams.  By creating and illustrating mindful and heartful  “White Christmas” vinettes and journies!  Oh what fun it is to ride in a one horse open sleigh Hey!  ……

Gratitude for visions of meeting, greeting and gifting people of all nationalities, denominations, backgrounds, shapes, sizes and colorful clothing of red, green, yellow, blue plus oh so many combinations!

Gratitude, gratefulness, appreciation, gladness, warm fuzzies when hot chocolate is shared with another, others and include yourself by the fireplace when it is cold, blizzardly and white outside and you have serendipidously given your mindful consistancy and heartful enthusiasm throughout the day! What a treasure!

White is the illustration to have in your mind and heart daily!  White is when one beholds the Savior vestido in white far beyond ones imagination. It’s so crystal clear in bright like that evening pole star.  It penetrates the mind and heart so anyone can find and draw near when one is glistening!

Gracias!  Wopela! Donka, Wunderli, Domo, Mahalo, Habadabadoo, Ho Ho Ho … Oh yes I’m dreaming of a White Christmas!

Enjoy the postponed post with a toast!

Have a Merry and Mahalo White Christmas!

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Historic First Post “Exponential Christmas Time”





I am truly excited for the “Historic” pederLViX Christmas, almost Eve, event and the real “First Post”.

What a time period we live in!   We are surely living in exponential times!

As we focus in on this special Christmas season, I wish to first glorify my Savior and give thanks for his incomprehensible redeeming love!  Tis the reason for the season!!  4573975-scene-of-the-birth-of-christ-in-a-stable

So, deck the halls and sing our Christmas music silently or gloriously to give praise to the Son of God, Counicilor, The Mighty God, The Everlasting Power, The Prince of Peace, Emmanuel, The Holy Messiah and The Great Exempler!!

My blog scene above, where many are looking out over the grand pacific ocean and they are looking upon mammouth “Maverick” waves that come ever so rare.  They come because of an array of specific and special conditions above and below water.  Much like Christ’s birth.

Living in these exponential times also requires a special awareness to conditions!  One can be a beacon light of “Live it Love it LViX”!  A life of to not just settle for or to simply be good.  It is an exponential thought process of being great at what you do and who you are.  There is a saying “as a man thinketh so is he”.  So why not go from “Good to Great” in your thought process.

So, as we contemplate the season, of being humbly great like our Savior and following his light, may we mindfully look forward to the new year, a new beginning, in associating with our families and our friends may we catch the awareness of how to focus on this great light that is brought in by Christmas 14948262-a-depiction-of-the-nativity-scene-of-christs-birth-in-bethlehem-with-the-isolated-run-down-stable-beand use it as a beacon for the new year!


“Mas” in spanish means more.  So simply put let’s have a little more of Christ, a little more positive light, a little more kindness, a little more enthusiasm, a little more of goodness and a lot more greatness that creates a lot more happiness and joy!  Joy to the World!   11376711-illustration-of-nativity-scene-showing-birth-of-jesus

pederLVix wishes the greatest of all days to begin today that somehow becomes tomorrow too!

Live it Love it Lvix! Living in exponential times by going “Good to Great”!

Exponentially Yours!




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Love Story

Contact; call peder or pedder @ 573-587-7373

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