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LVix Boardroom !

Pipe DreamLViX came about by happen chance.  It started with LVX that stood for LifeVantage Exponential or to the 10th power!  Wanting to give LVX some spunk or life we added ‘i’. LViX then created  “living in exponential times”.   This ‘Pipe Dream’ video dipicts living in these exponential times.

This ‘Pipe Dream’ was a simple thought. From small and simple things, one can realize anything one put their mind to!   Limitless with God’s direction and help!

Watch it now!

Life’s speed is increasing and life’s trustful connections are decreasing.   So we have created here a little podium, to gather stories of exuberance and happiness based on trust and relationships and not the  hype and getting in line or to market first.

LViX stories shared are to be, character building, charasmatic, fun and exciting. Wholesome videos is the law! Virtuous ones being a must and we trust that you will honor this!

My dream is simple too!  We show it with our surfboard collection of correct principles or Maverick Wave watercraft  that we use to “Wipeout” in.   We teach you correct principles on how to find and surf the Maverick Business Wave with 7 simple but core skills to duplicate and implement.  You guide yourself!

Let’s go surfing now !  Maverick Wave hear we come!surf16


Maverick Wave

images maverick wavemaverickmavericksiiiMavericksLiving in Exponential times MK

How Maverick Waves are formed.

Now what we will do here is use the Maverick Wave symbolism and the rock formation to illustrate how we go from a good business to a great business.

<good2great> The title ‘Good2Great’ stems from this book.

Several years ago this book caught my attention as it starts out with a statement.  “Good is the enemy of great”. Then it asks  an inspired question.  “Can a good company become great?  I related it to both business and personal.

The book based strictly on numbers shares researched ingredients on how only 11 of 1500 fortune 500 companies equaled or did superior to the company like IBM and GE over a 15 year period of time.  I like the emperical way, no emotion is involved.

So let me ask you on a business but maybe even more so personally.  Can you go from being good person to being great one?  I believe in these exponential times being great ought to be considered a necessity.

These ingredients noted below, are the basis for which we encourage you to share your story!  This story can be personal, business  related, observed or linked to other stories that caresses these ingredients for success or even survival.  Going from being good to being great.

Please note you can share one (1) attribute or all of them.  We only ask that you do it in 300 words or less. Videos, links and pictures are encouraged and count only as the number of words used to describe the video, link or picture.

Now if you simply want to be taught these principles we have a site that is interactive with short baby steps to help you grasp and begin the process of these very critical concepts to learn in order to help you navigate or live in these exponential times. <good2great>

The ingredients are:

  1. Leadership:  Not just any leadership but Level 5 leadership which consists of 2 main components 1.) Humility  2.) Will or determination to get to the end.;
  2. First your Why and then Who.  Using Christ as the example in Mathew 4:19 he simply said “Come Follow Me”.  However prior to that he spent 40 days sealing his purpose with his Father above.
  3. Confront the Brutal Facts:  What are your weaknesses.  Face them and overcome them.
  4. Hedgehog Concept: The fox knows many things.  The hedgehog knows one thing. Focus on consistency and commitment.
  5. The Culture of Discipline:  The simplicity of requiring a few disciplines to be completed, perfected, skilled, personified or exemplified by mirroring or the principle of duplication.
  6. Technology:  Technology represents competition, opposition and is to be used wisely to create massive movement by the one and the team.
  7. The Flywheel:  This concept is about “Breakthru”.  The timing is unknown it happens when it happens.  Predicting is falicy.  Performing is important. Persisiting is paramount.

My Story

Copy of Peder's immortal backside





A Wunderli Welcome!

pederLVix presents:  My Story …  Good2Great!

Here on display is my immortal backside!  This 2006 photo, is me pointing to my modeled derriere.  Previously, the City of “Cape” Girardeau, MO commissioned a famous paintor, Thomas Melvin, to create mural history on the backside of the “Cape” Girardeau Mississippi River flood wall.  A half mile of Cape’s historical vinettes beginning in 1793.

On a gloriously beautiful blue skied spring day in 2006, as I scaled down my 30′ ladder from one of the Riverfront buildings, this bearded, thin, tiny, jovial man with a nifty hat came running down Water street.  He quickly identified himself as Tom and asked me if he could employ my ladder and me for a pose to be used on this historical wall.  I said certainly, that would be fun!  So, the next day Tom and I met at that very point of the wall for the historical vinette, the 1964 erection of this very same flood wall.  He took several posed photos.   Tom then started to murialize or sketch me on the wall and afterwards other artists then painted me on the wall. After several weeks of intense artistry, presto an immortal backside is fashioned that happens to be mine.

My story begins at this floodwall, kinda, midlife mississippi streamish.    My era shall be named Good2Great!   An episode begins, around 2006.  cropped-HMB-Maverick-Wave.jpgI must let you know though that this photo to the right, that is proudly displayed above too, is a crucial part of my story.  An episode unto itself.  These waves are relitively so close to the spot where I learned to body surf in the year 1964 when the Mississippi flood was being built.   Stay tuned!

Now I need to mention that, ‘My Story’, although within my business site, is a story that is being directed to my posterity in sharing my business experiences. Please consider yourself family!  We love everyone!

Now, if you are projecting that this may take awhile to filter thru I will direct you to another site of mine. I am ADHD and from NYC heritage and I start living-water-jesus-christ-610290-gallery-noticebooks by going to end. So is my bottom line LViXing , Good2Great story.  It’s singular focus, dual thought and at the crux of the whole matter, or ‘My Story’.  EEEEEEKit7

Onwards! My favorite movie of all times is “It’s a Wunderliful Life”. If you haven’t noticed I have used Wunderli several times.  This is my maternal grandmother’s maiden name from Switzerland.  Since the words we use show vitality for life I thought Wunderli dipicts much more energy and exuberance for life then wonderful.  Besides, I can capitalize it and add some umph to its expression from me and my roots!

I would like to share with you my favorite part of my favorite movie. A buffalo gal and lassoing the moon.  It reminds me so much of My Gila girl! buffalo gal moon

Like ‘It’s a Wunderliful Life’ we each have our moments and our story.  My story, although not quite as dramatic, is much like it too! And it’s “My Story”, unique to me!  Maybe its like yours!

In 2006 about the time I was immortalized, I had recently purchaed an historic run down building in the southside of town.  I was really having a good good life, recreating history, participating in Cape life, including Duck Races on the Mississippi, building a business and creating a ‘Wunderliful’ life for my family, so I thought.629 Good Hope front

The photo below, me with the Indiana Jones fedora, is in the winter of 2009 towards the end of the major historical restoration.

invoice 001This is the spot where I found myself on my knees crying and pleading with Him, Father to get the me out of me!  Family was no longer there and I was alone! Much like George in that great movie.  I will admit too I had angels!  Soon afterwards, not moments but some months things started to happen.

My previous “major life” business adventures had revolved around being an engineer type focusing on initial design and preventive maintenance procedures for vertical transportation equipment.  In 2001 I purchased an HVAC filter service franchise in “Cape” Girardeau MO.  My life was kinda evolving, unbeknowns to me, into an “American Dream” type. We literally had territory in 4 central heartland states of this great country.  The business grew, it was solid and I was not looking to do anything different, although once an entreprenuer, its always so!

Then during a blizzardly cold 2009 Thanksgiving November , not fun for changing filters, I was presented with something I was not looking for by a good friend from Palm Springs.   After coincidentally talking with another good friend from NYC,  a holistic doctor, now residing in Nashville Tennesse, I open mindedly watched an ABC Primetime Investigative Report.  I watched it and then I did my own investigation.

I soon found out it was literally “breakthru” technology.  My world was to soon change dramatically!   The breakthru technology involved keeping 47 trillion cells clean (filtration) for everyone in the world.  All the science was being validated by The product had patents.   I saw an opportunity to be a part a major paradigm shift  of preventive maintenance for the 21st century trillion dollar health and wellness industry.   I see it and call it as the first true business “Maverick Wave” of the 21st century.  Go to this site for more info

So as I did let’s seize the moment.  I sold my filter service business, joined LFVN and I have not looked back since.

I am still excited and prepared to lead many to catching this huge business “Maverick Wave”!

Wopela!  Copy of fred_flintstone  or is that Yabadabad00!

Oh yes you got to hear about my story with where these Maverick Waves are created.  Goto

Love Story


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